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What is memory card

What is memory card?128gb sd card- memory card price- sandisk 64gb

What is memory card?


A memory card or memory cartridge is an electronic data storage device.  That is typically use to store digital data using flash memory.

It is commonly use in portable electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops.  Tablets, PDAs, portable media players, video game consoles, compositors, electronic keyboards, digital pianos, and is an addition to these tools.

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are usually accept for devices such as USB flash drives.

What is  history of memory card?


The foundation of memory card technology is flash memory. [1] The hib was invente by Fujio Musuka at Toshiba in 1980.hib [2] []] and was market by Toshiba in 1987. []] []]

The PC card was the first commercial memory card format (Type 2 card) to appear, but now sdhc
is mainly use to connect 2 / d devices such as industrial applications and modiems.

Since 1994, many memory card formats have appear that are smaller than PC cards. The first was compact flash, then smart media and small cards.

The demand for smaller cards for cell phones, PDAs and compact digital cameras has made the “compact” cards of the previous generation appear larger. In 2001, SM won 50% of the digital camera market and CF won the professional digital camera market.

By 2005, however, SD / MMC had almost gaine smart media status, but not to the same level, and was in fierce competition with memory card variations and compact flash. In industrial and small  areas.

even the most notable PC Card (PCMCIA) memory cards can fill the niche, but mobile phones and PDAs have smaller memory cards.

Memory cards were initially expensive, and in 2001 they cost مریکا 3 per megabyte of capacity. [6] This has le to the development of microdrives, packet zippers, and data complexes.

As Flash memory got cheaper and of higher sdxc

, all three concepts were dropp.

Since 2010, SD card slots have been add to new products Sony (previously only use memory cards) and Olympus (previously only use XD cards). [7] In fact, the format war favors SD cards. [8] [9] [10]


Video game consoles:


Many older video game consoles use memory cards to store game data stored.

Cartridge-base systems primarily use battery-power mobile RAM within individual cartridges for individual game storage. This RAMless cartridge may have use a coding system or does not save progress.

Release by SNK in 1990, the NiGo AES was the first video game console to use a  card. AES memory cards are also compatible sandisk extreme
the new Geo-MVS arcade cabinets, giving gamers security between their home and arcade systems.

[13] Starting microsdx
systems such as TurboGraphics-CDs and SegaCDs, memory cards became common when home consoles were converte to read-only discs to store gaming applications.

Until the 6th generation video game consoles, memory cards were base on their own format. Subsequent systems use industry-create hardware formats such as FAT32 for memory cards.

The home console now safely uses hard drive storage for store games, games and other game information store via a memory  reader in common storage USB flash drives or other storage formats.

Can now be store in the cloud. Program data storage relies on traditional memory cartridges due to its low power consumption, small physical size, and low mechanical complexity.

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