Decluttering and keeping things organized is a great way to improve your home; however, buying supplies to start organizing your home can be pricey. Moreover, recycling your common household items to organize your home is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, if you do it yourself, you can personalize and design your items to suit your tastes and preferences. In addition, home organization doesn’t need to burn a hole in your wallet to be successful. So feel free to get creative with household items you already have and DIY your home organization.

Mason Jars

Mason jars (or any type of glass jars you may have) are versatile items you can use to organize various parts of your home. Moreover, you can manage your herbs and spices in mini jars in the pantry to give that space a neater look. Furthermore, you can label these jars to add a more aesthetic look and make it easier to identify your necessary herbs and spices. In addition, in larger jars, you can store items such as coffee, tea, and other goods in your pantry. You can use mason jars in your bathroom to store and organize your earbuds, cotton pads, makeup wipes, et cetera. If you have an office space in your home, you can use jars to keep your stationery organized on your desk. Furthermore, you can use mason jars to store and organize cables, miscellaneous wires, and the like. Overall, mason or glass jars are a great item to use during your home DIY organization journey.

Repurpose your Tupperware

If you have larger plastic containers taking up space in your Tupperware cupboard, you can use them to store pantry items like flour, sugar, icing sugar, rice, and so on. Generally, square or rectangular-shaped Tupperware can be stacked on top of each other, freeing up a lot of space in your pantry for other necessary items. Similarly to the glass jars mentioned above, you can DIY creative labels to stick onto the plastic Tupperware. Apart from allowing you to distinguish which Tupperware is used for what, the labels will add a more aesthetic look to your pantry and prevent the space from looking plain.

The shoe organizer isn’t just for shoes.

At one point, hanging fabric (or plastic) shoe organizers were popular and used to free up space in the closet; however, many have resorted to shelving space or the floor under their hanging clothing to store their shoes. If you have one of these shoe organizers, you can repurpose it to organize other parts of your home. For example, the shoe organizer can store your cleaning supplies. Generally, cleaning supplies take up a lot of space under the kitchen sink or a designated cupboard; placing your supplies in a shoe organizer will make it easier to access and create more space for other essentials. In addition, you can hang the shoe organizer in your room or bathroom and use it to organize your makeup and bathroom products.

Final Notes

Overall, you dont need to break the bank purchasing supplies to organize your home; household items you already have will work just as well. So remember to get creative and DIY your way through your home organization journey.