Best DSLr Camera in low Prise- Dslr camera in Pakistan-In lahore……..

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Best DSLr Camera in low Prise- Dslr camera in Pakistan-In lahore:

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we give you information about what is camera and what is a camera



Best DSLr Camera in low Prise
Best DSLr Camera in low Prise

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Source:Leica Camera (1950s)

Best camera:

Hasbild 500C / M, with Zeiss lens
A camera is an optical device us for photography. In the earliest form, the camera is a seal box (camera body) with a small hole (opening) that allows light to enter and capture the image on a photosensitive surface (usually a photographic film or digital sensor).

Cameras have different mechanisms for controlling how light can damage sensitive surfaces. The lens can focus on entering the camera and increase or decrease the size of the opening to increase or decrease the amount of light entering the camera.

The shutter mechanism determines how long the photosensitive surface is expos  to light.

Similar art forms in the field of cinema are cinematography, videography and cinematography.

The point of the camera comes from the camera obscura, which means “dark camera”, and is the Latin name for the main device for presenting a picture of external reality on a flat surface. Modern cameras are made from camera obscura.

Camera operations are similar to human eye operations. The first permanent photograph was taken in 1825 by Joseph Nickfor Napse.

Mechanics and Lens:

Cameras usually take light images in the viewing spectrum for human observation, but in general they can come from other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum as well. [1]: vii

All cameras use the same basic design.

The shutter mechanism controls the amount of time it takes to enter the camera. [2]: 1182–1183

Most cameras also have visual cues that show the scene you are recording and show the ability to focus and control the detail so that it is not too bright or too dark. [4 ..

My openian;

The opening []] []], sometimes call the upper or iris, is the opening through which light enters the camera. [6] Typically in a lens, [7] this opening can be raise or lowere  to control the amount of light that damages the film. [8]

The opening is controll by the movement of plates or blades that move together and move to score and widen the central hole. [8] [9] The aperture diameter can usually be adjuste manually by adjusting the camera body or lens dial, or automatically base on effective calculations by an internal photometer. I will. []]

The size of the aperture is in standard developments, commonly known as “F-stop” [a] [8] (although “F-number”, “stop number”, or simply “phase”). Or “stop”). Is determine .

These usually range from f / 1.4 to f / 32 in standard revenues: 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22, and 32. []] As the number increases, each Increase (or “stop”) halves the amount of R.


Shutter and interyer:

Best DSLr Camera in low Prise
Best DSLr Camera in low Prise

Aperture shutters are one of two ways to control the amount of light entering the camera. The shutter determines how long the sensitive surface is expose to light.  [Ten]

There are two types of mechanical shutters. ocal plane shutter. This shutter moves the metal shutter blade vertically.
Focal plane shutters are typically use  [7] These shutters work close to the surface of the film and by opening a metal plate or fabric curtain that passes through the photosensitive surface.

Focal plane shutters are commonly use in single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. The film cover allows the photographer to view the lens through the lens at any time without obstructing the lens path. .

. The film covering makes it easy to remove the lens from the loade camera (most SLRs have interchangeable lenses). [8] [4]


Best DSLr Camera in low Prise
Best DSLr Camera in low Prise

With film cameras, the rotary shutter opens and closes as each frame of the film advances. [8] [11]

This period is call the shutter spee or exponential time. The higher the shutter force the slower it will be.

In the early stages of reflection, outreach was often minutes. A short disclosure period can be use to avoid this. With a very short scan, it can capture fast movements and completely destroy motion crystals. [12] [4] [8] [7]

Similar to the aperture setting, it increases the training time for the two forces.

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